Tant Hulda – Retrokläder och kvalitetsgarn - Selbuvotter
Tant Hulda – Retrokläder och kvalitetsgarn


895 SEK

Selbuvotter is a gorgeous and inspiring resource produced in conjunction with an incredible exhibition of Selbuvotter gloves and mittens at the Sverresborg Trøndelag Folkemuseum.

Language: Norwegian

The begins with a thoroughly researched and well illustrated account of the rich history of the instantly recognisable Selbuvotter patterns and their important place in the society and economy of the Selbu region. Page upon page of colourwork charts are included and there are also several complete patterns for gloves and mittens from the museum collection.

This book is in Norwegian but the beautiful photographs and charts will speak to knitters all over the world and the patterns for mittens and gloves are presented in a highly visual format.