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Illustrious Patternbook

Illustrious Patternbook

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 Om boken
I samarbete med Emma Wright har denna kollektion med enkla silhuetter och intressanta texturer skapats, för att på bästa sätt göra deras garn rättvisa. En bok att ha i hyllan och ta fram då och då för att inspireras.

"When designing our latest pattern book to support the Illustrious range, we wanted to show the process of developing a new yarn collection from initial concept right through to the finished product. We knew that this new range was going to be something special and decided from the start that we wanted to work with the incredibly talented designer Emma Wright again to produce a stunning collection of simple silhouettes and interesting texture stitches which would do the yarn justice.

We feel that this pattern book takes you into the entire process of Illustrious through the development and design, inspiring you to choose the perfect colour and to ultimately create beautiful, unique garments and accessories that you can be proud to wear or gift to friends and family.

We wanted this pattern book to be special, your notes can be included alongside our designs and because of the wire bound design. You can keep this book on your shelves to use time and time again"