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Art Print Shetland and The Outer Hebrides

Art Print Shetland and The Outer Hebrides

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Shetland is an archipelago off the north-east coast of Scotland, mid-way in the cold expanse of the North Sea and on its way to Scandinavia. As such the Scandinavian influence is ever present in Shetland, whether it from its Viking heritage such the longship at Unst or wonderful Fair Isle knitting heritage. The local wildlife are the stars of my Shetland, a puffin chases a gannet above a land dotted with sheep and wild ponies. Seals cuddle up together in the cold, blue sea in which fish dart about and a porpoise leaps. 

Wildlife rule the waves and the land in my illustration of The Outer Hebrides.  Located to the north-west of Scotland, accessed by plane and ferry. The Outer Hebrides is an isolated, archipelago, which is rich in history and nature. The Callanish Stones with the iconic Chessman of Lewis sits on the island of Uig, which is also home to fishing port of Stornoway. Sheep and the wool industry is an essential part of the culture for the islands and my illustration of The Outer Hebrides includes lots of sheep and sheep crofters cottages.

Artist: Julia Gash

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Mått 50x70 cm


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