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Elements DK Timeless Summer Mönsterbok

Elements DK Timeless Summer Mönsterbok

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Elements DK Timeless Summer Mönsterbok

En samling på åtta stickmönster av Sarah Hatton och Chloé Elizabeth Birch. Mönsterboken är på engelska.

A collection of eight hand knit designs by Sarah Hatton & Chloé Elizabeth Birch 

Four Patterns by Sarah Hatton

“The inspiration for my garments came from the warm and soothing feeling you get on balmy summer evenings. 

Whilst these pieces can all be worn casually, the lustre from Elements adds luxury and sophistication to any evening outfit, too. My designs provide modern elegance
with classic fits and simple lace motifs.

The Melody vest top is my personal favourite. It’s a very wearable lace piece which is quick and fun to make. I was delighted to collaborate with Chloé, we’ve worked together to offer a variety of stitches and styles.”

Four Patterns by Sarah Hatton

“Elements is naturally light and luxurious, offering a fabric that gracefully drapes over the wearer. My designs include floaty tops and layering pieces which perfectly complement this special yarn blend.

The colours evoke memories of summer walks along the beach, enjoying all the splendour nature has to offer. Allegra, the bamboo stitch jacket, is my new
summer staple. I can’t wait to wear it at the beach as a cover-up and also dress it up on an evening out. It’s been a pleasure to work with Sarah and this beautiful yarn!”

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