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The Forester's Wall

The Forester's Wall

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The Forester’s Wall

Eco Vita Organic naturally dyed organic wool thread, cross stitch embroidery and punch needle pattern book
A collection of 19 enchanting embroidery, cross stitch and punch needle patterns that bring the wonders of woodlands and meadows into your home. In this captivating book, the magic of the forest intertwines with the art of embroidery. All the patterns are stitched using DMC Eco Vita organic naturally dyed crewel wool thread.

From delicate flowers to majestic trees and even aerial landscapes, each design has been thoughtfully created to evoke a sense of tranquillity, harmony, and connection with the natural world. All the patterns are stitched using Eco Vita organic naturally dyed crewel wool thread.

As you immerse yourself in these patterns, you will not only cultivate your embroidery skills but also deepen your connection with nature.

Eco Vita 360 is a new sustainable thread from DMC that’s part of the Eco Vita Collection, a range that empowers consumers to make environmentally conscious choices without compromising on craftsmanship.

A love letter to nature, this 100% organic, crewel wool thread gets its rich and varied
colour palette entirely from natural dyes. Using infusions of ingredients such as walnut, rhubarb, indigo and juniper. Perfect for mending, hand embroidery, cross stitch, punch needle and weaving, this soft thread feels lovely to work with and gives stitches a raised three-dimensional quality.

Språk: Engelska
Format: Mjukband 75 sidor, 250x200 mm
Förlag: DMC

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